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Story of our factory

BURDÖKSAN started its activities in September 2004,and founded by the Karaca family and is still managed by Mürsel Karaca and Ali Karaca. BURDÖKSAN has modern cold and hot coremaking machine, production systems, induction furnaces, sand preparation systems, horizontal and vertical molding lines, hanging, drum and canal blasting units and production equipment which can meet all needs of automotive, machinery, heat industry and hydraulic industry sectors.

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Our unit

In our Metallurgical and Material Laboratory advanced equipment is used, from the spectrometer to Metacut sample cutting device and Karl Storz endoscopic control unit.

Starting from raw material input until shipment all processes of pig and ductile iron products are analyzed and checked. The values of all tests are certified as 3.1 according to TS EN 10204 standard.

During the production phase, our horizontal molding works are carried out via HWS type horizontal molding line 1 and HWS type horizontal molding line 2.

The test values are sent according to TS en 10204 standard by issuing 3.1 certificates. The liquid metal temperature test and liquid metal vaccine efficiency analysis are performed in our company.

CNC Grinding Area

There are 3 pcs of 5 axis grinding machine and 2 vertical cutting machines in our CNC Grinding area.


Our company is authorized to produce hydraulic products which works under pressure. (PED 97-23 EC)-(AD 200-MERKBLATT WO/- W 3/1- W)3/2 )