BURDÖKSAN started its activities in September 2004, company founded by Karaca Family and still managed by Mürsel KARACA and Ali KARACA.

BURDÖKSAN has modern cold and hot coremaking machine, production systems, induction furnaces, sand preparation systems, horizontal and vertical molding lines, hanging, drum and canal sand blasting units and production equipment which can meet all needs of automotive, machinery, heat industry and hydraulic industry sectors. In addition, with our fully equipped casting laboratory, our products are subjected to chemical, metallographic and mechanical tests to guarantee the quality of the products we produce and customer satisfaction.

BURDÖKSAN is a trademark in the foundry sector and our trademark is registered by Turkish Patent Institute.

Our company with its professional staff at every point of production, continues to serve in Bursa Kayapa Industrial Zone with a production capacity of 18000 tons / year and a total area of 7950 m² with 6200 m² closed area.

BURDÖKSAN is the pioneer of its sector with its superior technology and customer satisfaction is observed at every stage of production beginning from raw material. Our company has the principle of responding to the expectations in a timely manner with reasonable prices, assures the customer satisfaction with its speed and flexibility.


As BURDÖKSAN DÖKÜM SANAYİ LTD. ŞTİ. we cover all processes and processes interactions determined in order to realize raw and machined parts production and sales activities of ductile and gray cast iron.

Employee Profile :

  • 20 White collar
  • 70 Blue collar


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